Dubai municipality food label assessment

What is Food Product Registration

Food Product Registration is a process to submit information about products in the Dubai Municipality web portal using product unique bar code. The Dubai Municipality check the product label should be as per the guideline issued by DM. it also checks the ingredients of a food item and can be asked for lab testing to verify the quality and safety of consumers.

The Process of Food Product Registration

As per the guidelines and regulations of Dubai, for every import or re-export of any food item, product registration is mandatory. The enrolment procedure is regularized by the Dubai Municipality (DM) through its ZAD portal. By this system of product registration, the government of Dubai ensures that all products entering the UAE market are of high quality and safe for import and re-export
Documents Required for Food Product Registration

  • Artwork of the product
  • Ingredient list
  • Additives, if any
  • Barcode details
  • Label image
  • Free sale certificate (attested from the chamber of commerce from the country of origin and also UAE embassy attestation)
  • Halal Certificate issued by an Islamic organization which is approved by UAE authorities
  • Declaration of conformity
  • Micro-biological report (if applicable)

Label Requirements

It is mandatory to have a product label on food packaging in Arabic. However, there is an option to have both English and Arabic
If any other language is mentioned besides Arabic, both the contents mentioned must be matching with each other.
The minimum requirements for the Arabic information on the label are;

  • Brand Name
  • The product name,
  • Ingredients (Arranged in descending order according to weight or volume)
  • Country of origin,
  • Storage conditions,
  • Nutritional information should be mentioned
  • Declaring if any ingredients cause hypersensitivity or require special using instructions,
  • Instructions for product usage (If needed)
  • Production and expiration dates
  • Manufacturer Details
  • Product Barcode
  • Batch Number
  • Net weight or volume

Following should not include for food items labels to avoid rejections from DM registration

  • Ingredients should not include any type of alcohol fully or partially.
  • Skeletons, Women, Religious symbols are not allowed in the artwork

How We Can Assist You in Food Product Registration

If you are looking for food products registration in Dubai; Our Products Registration Team will assist you the complete the procedure and preparing required documentation. Our team will take over the complete process from start to end; our team may ask for some documents from manufacturer and label as per authority specifications.

For any inquiries please feel free to contact us….


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