Having state-of-the-art warehouse facilities that provides cutting edge technologically in order to store goods safely, is one of the major concerns you might have during this process, and quite rightly so. At Vibrant Freight LLC, you can breathe a sigh of relief as we have the top of the line facilities and warehouses that have the capacity and the required technology to preserve your cargo the way it needs to be preserved.

Temperature Controlled Warehouses

A substantial percentage of worldwide freight is related to food items that require various constant temperatures to ensure their quality remains intact. Apart from this, medical related consignments also have specifications that require controlled temperatures round the clock. At Vibrant Freight, we have all the facilities available at very competitive pricing.

Dry/ Ambient Warehouses

Items that do not come with temperature control guidelines still need to be properly stored and managed throughout the transit or storage duration. Our experts have all the skills required in order to implement strict measures for storing and handling dry products at our warehouses with zero-damage policy.


Dangerous Cargo Warehouses

If your consignment consists of hazardous chemicals or materials and requires specific room temperatures, we have it all covered as we have a separate location in the Dubai Free Zone area where we store hazardous goods.

Open Yard Warehouses

Our open yard warehouses have all the basic amenities and infrastructure to ensure your cargo is stored in the safest possible manner. Compliant with all the standards, our warehouses ensure that your goods remain well-maintained regardless of how long the storage duration is.


Vehicle Yard Warehouses

A well-organized vehicle yard is undoubtedly a major challenge faced by companies worldwide. However, at Vibrant Freight, we know inside out about how vehicles need to be taken care of during transportation and when they are parked at lots.

Perishable Cargo & FMCG

Livestock & Plants

Agri-Commodities & Animal Feeds

Project| Heavy-lifts | Break-bulk

GD | Special | EHS Controlled Products

Exhibition & Event Cargo

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In addition to this, we provide a number of warehouse facilities that are essential for smooth freight processes:

Warehouse Management

The reason why we stand out amongst our competitors is primarily due to the fact that we pay attention to each and every detail related to this business. Once consignments reach our designated warehouses, the next process that plays a vital role is the Warehouse Management System (WMS) – a set of processes that takes care of the goods that enter a warehouse until the time it is moved out.

Third Party Inspection Facilities

Vibrant Freight facilitates third-party inspections from officials of local customs, municipality or any other authority at our warehouses.


For your ease, we offer labelling and/or relabelling of your products at our warehouses in multiple languages – all in accordance with your requirements.

Co- packing & Shrink Wrapping

Our co-packing and shrink wrapping operation offer tamper resistant and appealing packaging solution for your consumer and industrial products. We can also accommodate a huge variety of products and package sizes on the multiple shrink-wrap lines.


In order to meet our clients’ demands for both industrial and commercial goods, Vibrant Freight offers a broad range of palletization services that helps us transport your consignment in an organized and efficient way.

Picking & Sorting

In addition to our skilful human resource and top-notch equipment, we also provide ample space for picking and sorting of products in order to facilitate multi-stop distribution more accurately and quickly.

Cargo Stuffing & Lashing

We offer best in class cargo stuffing and lashing with years of the experienced and skilled workforce who have the ability to do everything perfectly. Thus, you will obtain effective and safe carriage of the cargo all the times.

Project Cargo Lashing

Our highly skilled team has all the necessary experience and technical equipment at their disposal in order to efficiently manage lashing for all sorts of projects cargo, keeping the safety of your cargo our top-most priority at any given time.

Facilities having Ambient, Chilled and Frozen storage

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