A major aspect of supply chain management is transportation and distribution of goods in its premium state – something that Vibrant Freight offers at competitive pricing. Our large network of heavy vehicles and skilled vehicle operators form a combination that eventually aids us in moving your cargo with proper care and top-notch ground management.

Odour-free Trucks

We provide the odour-free truck for shipping the products. We have trained people to deliver the high level of the transportation and distribution service to our customers.

GPRS Tracking Systems

In order to have complete visibility of your consignment at any stage, our vehicles come with 24/7 active GPS navigation systems that facilitate monitoring consignments with just a few clicks on your phone or computer.

CCTV Monitoring

In order to fully implement and manage strict guidelines and measures we have in place, all our vehicles are regularly monitored via a large network of CCTV cameras that we have installed at our fleet. In short, we leave no room for error as far as product compliance policy is concerned.

Temperature Monitoring

Similar to the standards we have for temperature control at our warehouses, all our vehicles come with temperature monitoring systems that maintain required temperature during the transit process, and temperature guns in order to monitor temperatures during the loading and offloading of cargo.

Commodity Specific Vehicles

Some food commodities such as meat products, fish, dairy products, etc. come with extreme temperature guidelines to preserve the product’s freshness upon delivery. We have special commodity vehicles at our disposal that maintain temperatures at any given stage during the cargo process.

Municipality Approval

Vibrant Freight always prioritizes municipality rules and regulations in order to avoid any unnecessary delays and/or penalties. Our fleet of vehicles is approved by the Municipality and our well-trained drivers carry a Municipality approved Occupational health card.

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